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  "Alicia and Laurel's iPad Engineering Movie"

"Science Reporters Megloads Edition"

"Catelyn and Kaylie's iPad Engineering Movie"

"Science Career Video - Engineering"

  • 10 middle schools, 3 in western Washington, 7 in Spokane Washington
  • 150 middle school girls
  • 14 teachers as group leaders
  • Weekly after school Science Reporters Clubs taught by middle school language arts and social studies teachers

"SJP Show"
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To increase ICT fluency for middle school girls

  • Participants will understand the uses of video and multimedia technology in presenting information in a variety of real-time and online environments
  • Participants will increase in 21st century soft skills identified by employers as critical to the future workforce (e.g., problem-solving, inquiry, collaborative work)

To increase scientific literacy for middle school girls

  • Participants will be capable of analyzing the scientific content of scientific issues presented in media, including the degree to which scientific data presented is accurate.
  • Participants will increase their knowledge of resources to research the scientific accuracy of media stories
  • Participants will be able to create scientifically accurate media presentations reflecting a community issue.

To increase interest in STEM careers for middle school girls

  • Participants will be aware of STEM workforce opportunities in their community
  • Participants will be able to articulate the specific activities of STEM professionals in the disciplines related to their club explorations
  • Participants will understand the educational pathways needed to enter the STEM workforce

To examine the impact of after-school club implementation on STEM content in the non-science classroom.

Participants will learn to analyze a news story about a local issue, determine the strength of the scientific content of the story, carry out simple hands on science experiments to learn about the science behind the issues, and interview scientists who can provide more information on the topic. They will learn video production skills including camera work and editing, to produce a broadcast news-type video with a more detailed scientific perspective. They will also produce a career video featuring one of the scientists they have interviewed.


Science Reporters
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